Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Complete by Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens)

One of the famous books which christened in the history of the United States and United Kingdom is the novel written by Mark Twain, the famed book is called as “The adventures of Huckleberry Finn”. It was actually published in the year 1884 in United Kingdom and then, in 1885, in the USA. The book is well-known for its colorful depiction in pictures and for the narration along the Mississippi River. There is also a greater importance for it in American literature. It can be easily understood by anyone who reads and comprehends it as it contains satire on racism and entrenched attitudes. Many people condemn the book as it has got satire in it mainly regarding racism which increased more by 20th century.

The story can mainly be divided in to five parts according to the dealings in the novel:

  •  We can judge the story’s main spot is the river Mississippi. His dreams of setting the slaves free and does accordingly. Huckleberry Finn is the protagonist in the novel. He tries to make his uncle get rid of his acquired bad characters, who used to spend all his living in the beverages taken in by him. Huck tries sees him that he halt those things and go with him to the town. Huckleberry and his friend Tom, gets used to perform hazardous and risky things. They mean such adventures as their play time. Huckleberry also tells Tom of the supervision of the Widow Douglas and her sister Miss. Watson’s efforts in bringing him up as an orthodox.
  • Pap, his uncle moves Huck to an isolated place and apprehends him in a cabin. However, he, being a brave young man survives the attempt of escaping the cabin and escaping. He travels down the river and finally reaches Jackson’s Island. As his journey goes on, he finds a raft and gets into it to behold what is in it as it seems a house floating in an over-whelmed river. There they do find a naked body. The highlight of the entire story is that Huckleberry puts on girls attire for a special purpose of knowing the latest news from the town.
  • As he journeys, his raft hits some steamship which separates Jim and Huck. So Huck finds an aristocratic family of Granger fords. His gets acquainted with few boys of his age and he made a best friend for himself in Jim’s place named “Buck Granerford”. Later, Buck and all his brethren get murdered by guns and pistols. After a long lamentation, Huck remembers his old friend and decides to join his company again.
  • When they were still in the raft, two stout men who introduce themselves as a French Duke and English King, make fun of Huck by painting him blue. These two strangers become permanent passengers of Huck and Jim. This event can be termed as the humorous part in the entire novel.
  • Once, Huck learns that Jim is being held at the plantation of Sally and Silas. The family’s nephew. But Huck feels the invitation from the family is for him though it was for Tom. Tom, after a rendezvous with Huck, pretends according to his scheme, as a younger brother to Huck. On the other hand, Jim becomes busy with the part given to him by Huck, to apprehend the two men who call them as King and Duke.

Coming to the characters of the novel, the crucial role in the story is taken up by Huckleberry. Few people argue over the characteristic sketch of Jim as a bad man, unintelligent and a rascal. The actual intention of this character is an obvious complexity. But few disagree with this justification that Jim is a kind-hearted, intelligent and a brave man too. About Tom, he is broad-minded and just, shows sympathy on them that suffer. The two men who pretend to be King and Duke are selfish, humorous and cunning minded.

My favorite part in the novel is the humorous part that the men pretend to be a Duke and King. Then, they gradually, like a Komodo dragon sticking to a wall, claim to be the permanent passengers of the raft found by Jim and Huck.

I liked the part as it was humorous but in general, the selfishness is very dreadful to life ever-after. Most of the people were dead as this poison called selfishness killed them and wounded them from the inside. The men were one of them.

This remains an established part in the history of the novels of the world as a firm record. But the critics never call a halt to their work.


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