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 Review: An App,  KINDLE, is the one from the Books and reference category, there are number of books, magazines and newspapers items available in the App for the reading of the Readers worldwide. The users from the category of the Readers, Students and other people can also take advantage of developing their knowledge using this App. The App in particular offers the reading of the Millions of Books through the Android devices, like phone and tablets. The readers can enjoy reading of the Kindle books without owning the Kindle to use this App. There will be millions of Kindle Books provided in this App from the Kindle Store and in additional there will be mostly lovable, popular magazines also provided. For example, The Economist and Reader’s Digest. The reading of the Books offers for FREE and also one shop for the Books from the best sellers. Moreover, the notable item in this App is that, it is also providing for the in- build Dictionary, Google search and Wikipedia search for the use of the users to get detailed information about the term of which they are not in touch with. Thus it is really amazing and useful App.

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