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Moby Dick; or The Whale By Herman Melville

Moby Dick; or The Whale was written by Mr. Herman Melville. He was from America and his dialect was English. He would chiefly write the stories regarding or pertaining to sea-voyages, of which “Moby Dick; or The Whale” is an ingredient. Also, his genre was fiction, adventurous novels, epics etc. It was firstly published in Britain, on Oct. 18th, 1851. Richard Bentley, Harper and his brothers stood with him in the process of its publication. In the British version, it is said that it has got 900+ pages but it was reduced to 635 in the United States edition.

Melville was born on 1st August, 1819, in New York and expired on September 28th, 1891. Besides being a writer, poet, novelist etc, he was also a grand teacher, lecturer, sailor etc. “He was a multi-talented person. He was amazing”, say few people, “The world needs people of this sort…” Herman was a beautiful man and had an amazing countenance. He resembled his father in stature. He was also legally responsible for intellectual movements like Romanticism. He was depressed at the death of his beloved father. He remembered all his ancestors as his grandparents were avant-garde heroes in the revolutionary acts done by the citizens of that time and kind. Later, his second son died, unfortunately, which made Herman drink alcohol continuously without a halt as he was sunk in heart and sorrow. However his wife tried a lot to prevent him from having alcohol but her thoughts were brought to naught because in those days many of his relatives died too. How painful it is to see so many deaths in a period! Finally, there was found a stench from his bed room. The stench was from his body, in the early morning. The doctors tried to make out the reason for his death and then concluded it was a Cardiac Dilation.

“Because of his death, his book was an utmost failure thing”, said a reviewer. But n the 20th century it gained its lost recognition and that which it had to when Melville was living. H. Lawrence who read the book called it the most strange and wonderful book of voyage in the world. It also was like a backbone to the American Renaissance Movement and the Romantic Movement.

So let’s all study this great and famed book.


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