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Desserts and Salads by Gesine Lemcke

This is a wonderful book on the recipes of delicious desserts and salads. Every time, the idea of trying a different dessert dies because of the complicated recipes given in most of the cookbooks and we venture into the same regular desserts. There are a lot of varieties of desserts and salads for the readers to experiment with. The main attraction of the book is recipes are very simple and can be easily tried in our ordinary kitchens. The recipes are creative and different from the regular recipes of desserts and salads. Most of the recipes are made with ingredients that are readily available in our kitchen.   There are so much of in this book that you would never have to try any other cook book for sauce, creams, pie and various other desserts.

The book begins with the recipe of sauce and some sauce you might have never heard earlier. There are various sauces that the author has tried with Beverages like Brandy Sauce, wine sauce, Arrack sauce and sauce that are made with fruits like Apricot sauce, cherry sauce, and Strawberry custard Sauce etc. This section is followed by recipes of mind blowing fruit syrups. Then the recipes of homemade essences that one would love to try at home where there is a lot of dilemma to buy color and essence from outside due to high chemical contained in it. Then it come the mouth watering French cream sections with different range of creams to try for your children and other family members. The mouth watering recipes of jelly, cream and pudding will be one stop solutions for most of the moms to meet the regular demand of variety in desserts by the children. The pudding is better than the regular ones both n terms of taste and nutrient values. Pineapple pudding, cottage pudding and a series of pudding recipe using bread are the main attraction which I felt. The section following pudding is a packet of surprise for the food lovers as it has the recipe of Soufflés, pancakes, omelets and fritters. Then here it come the crunchy pies. The recipes for strudels are just amazing. Chocolate Almond strudel, definitely kids are going to love this. The dumplings are really tempting. The line of cake recipes for all the occasions and the regular one easy to make cakes are just fantastic. There is a section on dishes and sweet dishes made of rice which one would really love. The appendix given at the end of the book is very helpful in finding the recipe of a random item. Over this entire book is a perfect pick for the dessert section cooking.


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