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Dracula By Bram Stoker

If anybody lacks fear in heart, then he has got to read the gothic novel of horror. The gothic novel of horror is nothing other than Dracula written by Mr. Bram Stoker. This fable was an Irish tale. It was first brought to light in the United Kingdom. The date of publication was 26th May, 1897. The publisher was Archibald Constable and his company.

In this story the highlighted character is the vampire “Dracula” who tries to spread his kingdom and moves to another place from his native place in search of fresh blood. On the contrary, Van Helsing takes up the responsibility of opposing the idea of the parasite. Therefore, he becomes the leading role and the enemy of Dracula. The novel ends with the defeat of the vampire. However, the last and original chapters were hidden in which Dracula falls below the broken castle and dies. This was to hide the fact that the vampires existed there. The characters of this novel are as follows:

  • Jonathan Harker.
  • Count Dracula.
  • Wilhelmina Harker.
  • Lucy Westenra.
  • Arthur Holmwood.
  • John Seward.
  • Abraham Van Helsing.
  • Quincy Morris.
  • Renfield.
  • Brides of Dracula.

After its publication, though this did not get many praises at first, the reviewers thought the book was an extraordinary piece of horror. This book was exhorted after the death of Bram, however.

The instigator of his horror book was Bram Stoker who was delivered on the land of Ireland, in 1847 and had to leave the Earth in 1912 being full in age and structure. He was a novelist by profession and his tongue was Irish. He was a British citizen. He belonged to the period of the Victorian era and the Edwardian era and his genre was horror and Gothic fictions and adventure fictions. He was renowned and so is his notable works. His most famous work was Dracula.

Dracula has become so great that even it is apprehended and shown on the talking box. The film was so much praised and being watched even today without any ceasing. So everyone who is a literate must read this novel. It makes us think whether the vampires actually existed.


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