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Heart of Darkness By Joseph Conrad

Heart of Darkness was a famous novella written by the famous novelist who can be crowned with honor by giving him a name of honor as The English Scientist because of the wonderful vocabulary he has used, the idioms he arranged and the phrasal verbs he has used in his sentences. The words are so beautiful that they can be compared to a handsome girl. The genre of this book is: frame story and a novella. The manuscript was first published in the United Kingdom, in 1899. The novella was led under the guidance of the publisher, Blackwood and under the supervision of the author himself. It was its existence in the form of serial in a regular magazine. This was the most honored serial even after the death and funeral of Joseph Conrad. This was the beloved serial; of all when he was a being. People would wait for the release of the new serial edition in time. In those days, paper boys would buy a magazine and would give it on rent to a citizen and the citizen after reading the magazine, would give it back to the boy who used to give it to another citizen and so on. This way, the novella benefited many homeless and unemployed youth. People used to buy magazines or any media print where the serial would be available and read it without fail. Few historians say that the magazine has benefited the poor and unprivileged.

Joseph Conrad was born on 3rd December, 185, in the Russian Empire. And he breathed his last breath on 3rd August, 1924, in England. He was buried in a place called Canterbury.
At his death, many people assembled, both his friends and foes that praised and criticized his works which he had done when he had life in his nostrils. He was a novelist and a short-story writer by profession. He was a handsome man in stature and kind man in nature. His tongue was English but the nationality was Polish. However, he was a British citizen.

The novella talks of River Congo in Central Africa. Everybody has got to read this great novella written by this great man Conrad to improve one’s reading, writing and communication skills.


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