Dictionary – Merriam-Webster – offers voice search – to let you look up a word without having to spelling

 Review: The App, DICTIONARY – MERRIAM – WEBSTER, is provided as the digital dictionary for the Android devices. Now, one can search for the meanings of the words and terms using Merriam – Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary on his Android Phone and tablet device. The App is really awesome and it is providing for the Voice Search options too. The Users cannot search for the definitions and meaning of the terms through his voice search option. Now, the people having no idea about the spelling of the term which is to be searched for, can be searched through this Voice Search option. In addition, there will be Synonyms and Antonyms, example sentence, etc. the App will also provide for the new words for every day as ‘Word of the Day’. The students, other professionals and others who need to be acquainted with the several un- usual words can refer this App for their studies. The App is provided with the OFFLINE support, i.e. without internet connection this App will run. And the notable aspect in this relation is that it is totally FREE. Recently, the developers have also fixed the bugs and user interface is improved.

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Developer : Merriam-Webster Inc.
Support Email: appcontact@merriam-webster.com

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