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Review:The App is designed and developed in the category of Education and most particularly, in the category of Dictionary. The developers have provided this App for FREE searching of the Words without an Internet Connection i.e. OFFLINE. The people who are not familiar with the various words and terms in the English language and even this problem can be experienced as available with the people from the English speaking countries. As the language is a medium of exchanging one’s ideas and thoughts to another, it is comprising of very huge collection of vocabulary, thus the people requires to keep a Dictionary with them. As such, the App is developed to provide for those who want to possess a Dictionary having comprehensive database. The App provides for the search of the words and their meaning along with their synonyms. There is also an Audio Edition of this App, wherein the users can experience audio pronunciations of the words they are searching for. The comprehensive dictionary includes the huge number of words, phrases, usages examples, etc. And in Additional, there will also be provided a suggestion on the possible correct spellings of the typed word. Thus, the students, and others will surely be benefited through this App.

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