English Malayalam Dictionary – an absolutely freeware and fully offline Dictionary contain more than 1,59,000+ words

 Review: India is the nation where many languages are spoken, including Hindi, Telugu, Malayalam, Tamil, Urdu, Marathi, etc. The National Language in India is Hindi and the most of the Official works are covered in English language. Thus, learning English is the need of every citizen in India. The App is providing for the Dictionary of English words and terms and the meaning is provided in Malayalam Language. Malayalam being a regional language, the speakers of the language can take advantage of learning the English terms in their regional language. The App is developed to provide meanings, definitions, and many more on the English terms in Malayalam Language. There are about 1.6 lakhs of words in this App. The learners will surely be benefited through this App. And the most beneficent app is provided for FREE and for the access of the information on the words and terms, one need not to be Online, this App runs even without internet connection i.e. OFFLINE. One can also store the information on the words searched by him, in his SD Card by moving the same. And in addition, the App is providing for the Audio supports i.e. the words pronunciation will also be there. The developers, Syamu Vellanad have recently fixed the bugs and new database is added.

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Developer : Syamu Vellanad
Support Email: mrsyamkumarvlnd@gmail.com

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