English Telugu Dictionary – a handy app featuring 40,000+ English words and their meaning in the Telugu language

Review: ENGLISH TELUGU DICTIONARY, is an App for the Android devices such as, Mobile Phones and Tablet devices. The App is developed and offered the Indian Developer, Droid Raju. The idea behind this App is to provide convenient learning of the meaning of the English terms in TELUGU language. In the World, there are number of Languages and the language Telugu, is one the languages spoken in India. In India many languages are spoken and Telugu is also one of them and the same is well spread in huge territory of Indian regions. The concept of providing meaning and translation of the English terms or words which are spoken worldwide, in the very concerned Telugu language is really amazing. The people who speak Telugu will be surely benefited of learning the English terms in their very concerned language. There are many English words provided in this App. Moreover, there will be search options so that the users can search for the words with their meanings in Telugu. The developer has recently added a Favorites feature and History clearing option. Thus, a wonderful app is really helpful for the Telugu speaking people to learn English terms.

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Developer : Droid Raju
Support Email: droidraju.v@gmail.com

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