English to Tamil Dictionary – a quick reference guide with more than one meaning available for almost all words

 Review: ENGLISH TO TAMIL DICTIONARY, is the app from the learning and educational category. The App is provided for the Android devices, like Mobile Phones and Tablet devices. Now, the users who want to learn English, but they are from the Tamil speaking area, can take advantage of this App and start learning and building up their vocabulary level through this in- app Dictionary. In India Tamil Language is spoken in its one of the regions and the people from that region can now learn English terms through this App. The App is provided for FREE and there will be required no internet connection even, for using this App. It is thus, FREE and OFFLINE App. The App contains the meaning of the almost all English Terms and Words. The comprehensive dictionary is provided for the Students, professionals and also for the common people who want to improve their vocabulary in English Language. The App is very easy and simple for operation and the word search in this App is very faster. Thus, the App is really amazing and the users of this App will surely be helped in improving their vocabulary in their vernacular language. It is offered in only 7.6 MBs size.

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Developer : Nithra Edu Solutions
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