Hindi Stories 2 (Pocket Book) – consists of interesting Indian Hindi stories

 Review: HINDI STORIES 2 (POCKET BOOK), is an application provided for the reading of the stories in Hindi Language. In India, the Hindi Language is commonly spoken and it is the National Language of the Country. The people are having great concerns in the Stories and it is so due to which they do not want to read stories in any other language than that which is their regular one. Taking this idea, the developers have developed this App for the India citizens and those who love to read in Hindi. The App is providing for the number of Indian Hindi Stories which one would have been taught in his School. The Users for themselves or for their kids can download this App for their entertainment. While reading the stories, in case of any un- warranted exit, there will be automatic bookmarking, i.e. the page wherefrom the readers stop reading will be automatically opened. Moreover, the App will also allow the users to change the Font size, etc. And the notable issue in this App is that the same is provided in only 1.9 MBs size only.

App Support
Developer : Android Fr33k
Support Email: androidfr33k@gmail.com

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