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The Yellow Wallpaper By Charlotte Perkins Gilman

The Yellow Wallpaper is one of the works of Charlotte Perkins Gilman. But it’s not considered as the best one when weighed against other books written by her. She accomplished the book it in the year 1890, on June 8th. She was known for her simplicity and her loyalty as she never desired for greater posts in her life. Even, she gulped all her ego down to write a book in her house. Besides being a writer, she was a social reformist too. Her written works are: The yellow wallpaper, Herland and Women and Economics. She served as the best feminist and also inspired them that conspired against her thoughts and views.

The story is based on few key points of: Romance, The old-abandoned house et cetera. The whole tale is in Narrative type. This entire anecdote is based on the narrator who always complains of her husband. They set off to a place to have a Summer-vacation. But the narrator has few nervous problems where she is forced to have all things in common like in childhood. Her husband is her doctor and her sister-in-law is her nurse and house-keep. So, she is being treated in such a way that she is objected to write, lo and be usual. So, she tries to do everything in undisclosed manner to prevent her husband know about it. Once, she observes the Yellow Wallpaper and she sets in to think about the wallpaper, her husband interrupts and later his sister. On the whole, the narrator tries to tell about what she understands about the picture despite of difficulties like her treatment and mental-illness.

The story lets us know the women who are being abandoned like the narrator. After a careful observation of the yellow wallpaper, she comes out of her depression and becomes normal as others. The narrator wants to tell us how important the women rights and freedom are. We can figure out that there’s no world without women. Women must be restricted but not always like in expressing their thoughts and views.

There is a need to have such stories to motivate people of diverse countries who still believe in discrimination against women. Therefore, everyone is supposed to read, study and act accordingly to this novel.


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