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Dictionary.com – One of the leading free English dictionary app for Android with over 2,000,000 definitions and synonyms.

Review:The App, Dictionary.com is the one from the category of the Educational and Learning application. The App is developed with the great idea of providing a comprehensive English Dictionary for the people who are less aware of the various important English words and terms. The App will also provide for the accurate and perfect definitions and Synonyms of the English terms and words. There are in all over Two crores of the definitions. The notable aspect in this App is that the same is workable without Internet Connection, i.e. OFFLINE. Thus, one can enjoy using this App and learning more and more through this App at anywhere and anytime he want, irrespective of the areas having proper network or not. Moreover, the App will be providing a new word for learning everyday as ‘Word of the Day’. And the learners can take advantage of listening the pronunciations of the words so that a perfect knowledge about the word can be gained. Similarly, the App offers searching of the words with their definitions, through a Voice Search option. And another notable issue is that the users will be benefited to get the meanings in around Thirty Languages. Thus, a very comprehensive App is amazingly great.

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