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English Dictionary – Offline – Works offline without any further file to download

Review: Since many people having problems with the various English words and terms, even some are well in speaking, reading, writing in English language, but they lacks in certain words and terms. Now, the App, ENGLISH DICTIONARY – OFFLINE has brought a very easy and simple understanding / learning formula to those people. The App has brought an idea of having a Dictionary of English vocabulary for the Android devices, like phones and tablet devices. The users of the Android devices can now download this App and enjoy learning the meaning of the various English words and terms with explanations and definitions. It is based on ENGLISH WIKTIONARY. The App is workable OFFLINE, i.e. without an Internet connection. The app comprise of around 1.8 lakh of English terms with definitions and huge number of inflected forms. There will be fastest and simple working of the App, even offline. The App also provides for the searching of the meaning or definitions of the terms even Online, if the same is not available in the OFFLINE dictionary. It is, thus, amazing app for the users who really want to learn perfect English with all vocabulary. It is provided for FREE, no charges will be required to pay for this App.

App Support
Developer : Livio
Support Email: android-dictionary-livio@googlegroups.com

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