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English to Tamil Dictionary – more than 2,10,000 words with Pronunciation

 Review: The mobile application is designed and developed for the benefit of the students, professionals and other persons from the various fields. The App provides for the Dictionary of the English words and terms. There are huge numbers of the words which are perfectly defined and explained in this App in Tamil Language. Tamil is a language which is spoken in India in one of its regions. The developers Syamu Vellanad have provided this App as FREEWARE. In its features the app provides for the storing option of the search in the SD Card of the users. The App also provides for the pronunciation of the Words and this is why the people can learn to perfectly pronounce the words. The App is special created for the persons who speak and understand Tamil Language. Now, the Tamil speaking persons can capture huge vocabulary in English Language due to this App. The App is also developed for the P Cs, but one should get this App from another web site. Thus, a really amazing and wonderful creation will surely be proved helpful for the learners.

App Support
Developer : Syamu Vellanad
Support Email: mrsyamkumarvlnd@gmail.com

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