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The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka

I think we all have got to not only read but also comprehend it and schoolwork it. The Metamorphosis is a book which metamorphosised the life of its author, Franz Kafka and made him famous. He was celebrated for his “Novella” which is, actually, known as “A story which is longer than a short tale but shorter than a novel”. Metamorphosis is one of his Novellas. The term “Die Verwandlung” in German language is interpreted to English as “Metamorphosis”. He was an Austrian. His genre was absurdist fiction and novella.  The fable was published in the year 1915. The publishers were Kurt Wolff Verlag and Leipzig.

The centre of the myth depends on a man who sells goods, who gets metamorphosised into an insect. So, his own family despises him and looks down on him. The chap who turns a pest is the male protagonist, Gregor. He, in his agony says, “Oh! Bother!! I have turned a bug and now everyone, even my family is scared of me. I can do nothing but shrivel and die.”

This is really horrible to see that his own blood and flesh forsake him. The main characters of the novella are:

  • Gregor Samsa, the hero.
  • Grete Samsa, Gregor’s younger sister.
  • Mr. Samsa, Gregor’s father.
  • Mrs. Samsa, Gregor’s mother.

This fable was also apprehended in movies. Not a one film was captured but many. Some of them are as follows:

  • A film in 1975 by Jan Nemek.
  • An animated film by Caroline Leaf.
  • A film in 1987 by Jim Goddard and Steven Berkoff.
  • A film in 1993 by Carlos Atanes.
  • A film in 1995 by Richard E. Grant.
  • A film in Russian version in 2002 by Valery Fokin.
  • A film in 2012 by Chris Swaton.

To exhort the fame of Franz Kafka, we just have to go through the book and study it instead of reading it. Franz was born in the year 1883 and died in the year 1924. In only 40 years or around the period, he became so famous that whole world recognized him. After his death he was much honored. Though he suffered from a disease called Tuberculosis which pertained to Lungs, he survived to write many novellas and novels. Finally, the disease worsened which lead to his death.


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