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The Golden Age Cook book By Henrietta Latham Dwight

This is a very interesting vegetarian cookbook. As the author has claimed this book is for bloodless cooking. This book has an extensive list ranging from soups, starters, salads, desserts, puddings, pickles, sauces and sandwiches etc. The title of the book says golden age of cooking, an era where cooking was not that easy with the traditional cookers and utensils but still used to be fun. One may find many recopies which are not commonly prepared now. All the sections are amazing specially the section of egg and baked foods.

The cook book has started with anti flesh eating tone sighting different reasons like health and saving speechless creatures etc. The author has advocated vegetarian diet for human beings as healthy and balanced. The author has also given a comparative table for vegetarian and animal derived food but it is not very clear. Please don’t be stuck with the table. Moving forward there is a wonderful recipe of different delicacies is waiting for the reader. Anyhow this is an amazing and simple cookbook. The first sections start with Biscuits, bread and rolls. One would definitely like the ‘coffee bread’, Rice muffins’ and corn batter bread. We might not have this much varieties of eggs to be tried poached eggs, chopped eggs the list goes on. The egg section is followed by a recopies of different varieties of soups. The list has cream soups to turnip puree and black bean soup.

The amazing thing about this book is mock “meat”. One will find the recipe of mock fish soup, mock fish chops and mock chicken croquettes etc. The vegetable section is also very interesting. There are number of recipes to be tried with potatoes, tomatoes, mushrooms, spinach, cauliflower, chestnut, various varieties of beans and turnip and the list goes on. One would definitely love to try purple cabbage with chestnut, stuffed tomatoes with cheeses, escalloped cauliflower and many other dished one would find really tempting. Vegetable section is followed by Salad section. It includes different varieties of salads and its delicious dressings. Then it comes the turn of desserts. It includes the simplest of desert like apple custard to Bavarian Cherry cake, pineapple meringue, and different varieties of pudding and seems like there is a never ending list for these desserts. Ice creams are dealt in a following section ranging from simple lemon ice, pineapple ice and Windsor rocks punch. The cake section has numerous cakes.

The ending chapters include pies, chocolates and preserves recipes. Pickles and Sauce section is also very interesting. The book ends with a miscellaneous chapter which include the instructions for non edible products like tooth paste, hard sop, bay rum etc.


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