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Hindi Dictionary – Can search both English and Hindi words directly from “Internet Browser”

 Review: Having problems in understanding the words and terms of English or Hindi Language?, no issue, the App HINDI DICTIONARY is developed and offered with the amazing dictionary providing for both Hindi meaning of the English words or terms and English meaning of the Hindi terms and words (like Hindi <> English meaning). While reading any Article, Book or any other written material, the readers can get any problem of understanding the terms or words. The App offers that while any problem in any word while reading, one can click to the Sharing option and there he will find the Hindi Dictionary, choosing which the App will open and the dictionary meaning of the said shared word will be appeared. The reader will get full advantage from this. After understanding the meaning of the selected term or word, he can return back to his reading directly. It is really amazing idea. The App is provided totally FREE and it can be used without any internet connectivity i.e. OFFLINE. In addition, the App also provides for the Audio pronunciations of the words along with Antonyms and Synonyms. Thus, all these items is available in one App.

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Developer : BAPPI
Support Email: bappi.buet@gmail.com

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