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Hindi to English Dictionary – a quick dictionary and thesaurus with both hindi / english meanings for almost all words

 Review: A FREE App is developed and offered by the Aqua Info-media, the top developers, in the category of the books and references. The App, HINDI TO ENGLISH DICTIONARY is provided with the comprehensive data base and in this app there will be more than 1.5 Lakh of words with their meaning in Hindi and English. The users can read the translation of the Hindi terms into English language and can also read translated meanings of the English terms into Hindi language. In India, the respect towards Hindi Language is tremendous as it is widely spoken language in India and it is also a National language therein. The App is completely OFFLINE providing for the searching of meanings. The people with problems in the meaning of the terms from Hindi or English language can now download this App and take advantage of its easy and simple searching of the terms. The App is really beneficial for the Tourists who are traveling to India or Indian tourists who are travelling to English speaking countries. The Students will also be benefited through this app. The App is in smaller size so no need of much memory space. Thus, an amazing experience of using this App is extremely great.

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Developer : Aqua Infomedia
Support Email: veerakumar.vimal@gmail.com

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