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Pride and Prejudice By Jane Austen

Pride and Prejudice is a renowned novel written by a celebrated woman named Jane Austen. The novel mostly consists of the life history of a family and its functions and the characters and the mind-sets if the members of the family. It was published on 28th June, 1813. Jane Austen is also famous for the satires she wrote or included in the novels written by her. The publishers were T. Egerton and Whitehall. It is one of the most famous novels in the world as 20 million copies have been sold after it was published within a year. Also, it broke a record in remaining a famous novel in the English Literature. It amazes the English scholars because of its success and fame. Today, almost everyone in the world is aware about the novel Pride and Prejudice.

“The novel tells of a couple (Mr. and Mrs. Bennet) whose five daughters are virgins. But according to the law, the property owned must be by the heir of the Estate. The heir is none other than Mr. Collins. Mrs. Bennet life-time desire is to see their daughters given to rich and settled men in marriage. Mr. Bingley is one of the few rich men she knows. So she sends her husband to meet him and ask him if he would agree to marry their eldest daughter, Jane Bennet. The man, who is always negligent about her daughter, Mr. Bennet, complies his wife and goes. Mrs. Bennet wants no one to come in her line but she wants Mr. Bingley to marry her daughter alone. When Mr. Bennet meets Bingley he has a general talk but he doesn’t specify the purpose in his heart. In the second social gathering, Jane and Bingley meet and having seeing them, Mr. and Mrs. Bennet think that they are in attachment with each other. But Elisabeth doesn’t wish for this. Once, Jane wants to pay a visit to Mr. Bingley’s house to behold his sister. But she is caught in a heavy downpour and she is forced to stay at Nether field for years together. Elisabeth, her smart sister, struggles to find the issue out and tries to solve the puzzle as Jane feels like a fish out of water. On the other hand, Mr. Collins visits their house to choose one of the five sisters to marry. But it is found that Elisabeth is in love with Mr. Wickham, a godson of Mr. Bennet. This becomes like oil poured on fire to Mr. Darcy….” Say the movie viewers. They even say that the story can’t exist without this principal part.

Elisabeth plays the main role in the whole novel. She is oft referred to as Eliza or Lizzy in the novel. Elisabeth is the second of all the five daughters. Though she has a need to marry because of the family crises, she waits for her love. Elisabeth is considered as the most admirable women of all. She was also a beautiful woman in British Literature because of her complexity.

There is also a film published on the novel. In 1940, Greer Garson acted as Elisabeth Bennet. In 2003, Kam Heskin acted as Elisabeth and in 2004, Aiswarya Rai acted. In 2005, Knightley acted as Elisabeth. Their names famed much, more than before, indeed, after they put themselves in the acting.

The best part in the novel was that Mrs. Bennet trying to give her daughters in marriage to well-settled men in lives. On the contrary, we find Mr. Bennet negligent about his daughters. The event where he has to obey Mrs. Bennet shows that he needs someone to push him up to do a work.

The novel, on the whole, talks of the human relations and families. The first part of the novel (where Mr. Bennet obeys Mrs. Bennet) gives us a clear identification that the present day world, usually, forgets its responsibilities and obligations as it involves in dangerous and harmful activities. The present day development is so hazardous that we cannot predict what comes in which direction.

Each of the character in the novel has their own significance. In brief, to behold the characters of all the women in the family, let us start from:

  1. Mr. Bennet: is a negligent man who never involves in the things happening around him.
  2. Mrs. Bennet: is a responsible woman but inwardly, she is prestigious.
  3. Jane Bennet: identified by her beauty and calmness.
  4. Elisabeth Bennet: is a responsible person and she awaits her love.
  5. Mary Bennet: is not pretty but interested in music.
  6. Lydia Bennet: is unrestrained and abandoned.


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