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Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland By Lewis Carroll

Alice in wonderland is an outstanding novel written by Lewis Carroll. It, which has gained much fame than any other novel, was written in the year 1865. The novel claims to be the first and the primary one in the history of any literature in the world. In genre of fantasy, it stood first and even now, it stands as a competitor for other new latest novels.

The author of this wonderful novel is Lewis Carroll who used to live in his imaginations. He started to imagine the story before it came to light, in such a way that he got involved in his thoughts and couldn’t sleep peacefully until he could whole it. Lewis Carroll’s guide and illustrator was Mr. John Tenniel. He never discouraged him or disclosed the matters regarding the story in a negative manner. Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland could not be accomplished successfully without these inspiring pillars. “The fame is the fruit of their fellowship and hard work,” said a person after reading the entire novel.

The name “Alice” was taken from a Greek name which meant “Of noble rank” to perfect the tale. In this case, the name is meant by few scholars as “A dreaming girl”. This entire story stands on the groundwork of the rabbit which leads Alice and they both fall into a tunnel. This was the chief part of the story. The whole chapter is divided into twelve chapters. They are as follow:

  • Chap 1:- Down the hole with rabbit.
  • Chap 2:- The pool of tears.
  • Chap 3:- The Caucus race and a long tale.
  • Chap 4:- The rabbit sends a little bill.
  • Chap 5:- Advice from a caterpillar.
  • Chap 6:- Pig and Pepper.
  • Chap 7:- A mad tea- party.
  • Chap 8:- The Queen’s croquet ground.
  • Chap 9:- The mock turtle’s story.
  • Chap 10:- Lobster Quadrille.
  • Chap 11:- Who stole the tarts?
  • Chap 12:- Alice’s evidence.

However, the novel was directed as a film and it gained more success than that of the manuscript.  The characters not deleted from the film (like in the story) were: Alice (the female protagonist), the White Rabbit, the Dodo, the Mouse, the Pat, the Eaglet, the Duck, the Caterpillar, Bill and Lizard, Puppy, the Duchess, the Cheshire cat, the March hare, the Potter, the Dormouse, the Queen of hearts, the Knave of hearts, the king of hearts, the Gryphon, the Mock Turtle.

So, it is said by few novelists to study this novel sooner than proceeding to make know any new novel as it is an exigent assignment to them.


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