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The Skillful Cook by Mary Harrison

This book is distinct from all other books available in market on cooking. This is not exactly a recipe book. The author has undertaken a mission to make her readers efficient in cooking. This book will give the reader an insight into the sanitary and healthy cooking. The book contains valuable tips and tricks for better house management and housekeeping. The book is bulky and it is due to wide range of recipes included in this. The first chapters is dedicated to young housekeepers who are either ignorant of economic and hygienic house management or has least interested to undertake any such works.

This book will surely give a boost one’s interest in the field of housekeeping. While reading this book one will have the feeling of having a great conversation with an elder and sensible confidant who knows your weakness in house management. As claimed by the author poor house management is often the outcome of laziness, lethargic thinking and extravaganza. Food and diet chapter will give the reasons for making tastier diet. The nutrient value of various food items, how to retain their maximum nutrient value during cooking and their role in growth and cope up with wear and tear function of the body is discussed in this book. The importance of arrangement and cleanliness of the table is also thrown light. Here comes the chapter of beginners who has given up cooking after disastrous first cooked food. This section is the most charming part and will definitely make you a person who really enjoys cooking. The author has discussed everything related to cooking and kitchen with such a simplicity that the usual impression of heap of domestic work has gone out of the mind. Actually she has very efficiently cleared the litter scattered one’s mind which always gives excuses for not cooking and staying away from household management. The rules for boiling, roasting, frying and baking are very informative. Then it come the much awaited section, the recipe of many great dishes. It contains various meat dishes, vegetable dishes for main course, soups, sauce, breakfast dishes and many amazing beverages.  The sea food lovers also have the recipe of many sea food items in the fish cookery section. The seafood section is surely going to bring water in the mouth of sea food lovers. The oyster’s dishes are so amazing that one will not be able to stop from trying it out in their kitchen.

This book has recipes of cod, mullets, Eels, sole’s, and the list goes on. The following pastry section will surely leave you astonished with the list included Beef steak Pie, Mushroom pie, Veal and Ham Pie and followed by the regular cakes. The pudding section contains various traditional and classic puddings of the British era. This is followed by a vegetable section where you will find numerous varieties of vegetable dishes, soups etc.


This eBook is for the use of anyone anywhere at no cost and with almost no restrictions whatsoever. You may copy it, give it away or re-use it under the terms of the Project Gutenberg License included with this eBook or online at www.gutenberg.org