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Sandwiches by Sarah Tyson Heston Rorer

This book will take the reader to a world of wonderful sandwiches. The book has recipe of near about hundred recipes of sandwiches, canapés and sweet and scented sandwiches. Sarah Rorer has also written various other Cookbooks. This book is coming from a teacher of domestic science and moreover from a person who herself had a great flair of cooking. This book is a perfect stop for a workman as well as the home maker to try variety of sandwiches. Often we get irritated with demand of something new every time from the children. This book may solve this problem to some extent and for some time. We can surely say this book as a comprehensive book on making sandwiches. We can include the steps of Sarah Rorer in our regular sandwich making process and get tastier and healthier sandwiches. The author has given the simplest ways to prepare the most delicious sandwiches.

The book includes the simplest sandwiches like Tea toast sandwich, cucumber sandwich and different variety of cheese sandwiches. The curry Sandwiches, curried oyster sandwiches are just out of the box. The author has given the method of preparation of sandwiches, effective storing process as it becomes stale if not stored properly and the method to serve the sandwiches. Some sandwiches which I have not heard earlier like Honolulu sandwiches, the name look strange but the recipe is very simple and easy. There are various sandwiches which sea food lovers can also try like Crab sandwiches, fish sandwich, and fish flank sandwich and deviled oyster canapés.

This book was written over a century ago. Many of the complicated steps given in this cookbook can be avoided with the better equipped modern kitchen. This book is very informative also as it gives much information about the way of living and eating habits of the people who lived in United States in nineteenth century.

This cookbook has covered different variety of sandwiches, light sandwiches for morning breakfast to heavy for the lunch, packed sandwiches for travelling person and sandwiches which can be used as in between snacks. The author has begun the cookbook with the recipe of making different varieties of bread for women leaving in far off places where bread is not readily available.

Today bread is readily available in almost all places but definitely one would love to try the recipe of German potato bread given in this book. Windsor Sandwiches and Princess Sandwiches are wonderful and one would love to have this. The recipes of canapés at the end of the book are wonderful. The fish canapé and the lobster canapés and sweet canapés are worth giving a try. I really missed the images of these sandwiches which might have added an extra charm of this book.


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