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The Ideal Bartender by Tom Bullock

The tale coming straight away from the horse’s mouth then it will be surely interesting. The author of this book was a famous bartender in St. Louis Country club in United States in the early twentieth century. The collection of various cocktails that he has served in the country club of St. Louis to his various customers, were shared through this book. This is really a good read. If you are fond of cocktails and would like to venture into new recipe of cocktail everyday then it is a perfect pick. There are different varieties of cocktails and punch with varying levels of alcohol.  The list includes the recipe of soft beverages to hard punch. The cocktails for all the occasions are listed in this collection. The author has projected this profession as an art.

The book contains various forms of cocktails which was very famous in nineteenth and twentieth century in United States of America. The book also speaks about the skill set of a bartender which was not a recognized profession at that time. The art of serving the customers quickly and making of cocktails in a blink second is an amusing art and the author of this book was the master of such arts. The author has shared many of his legacy cocktails to the reader through this work. Some ingredients used in these cocktails may not be readily available in market now a day. There are some very simple cocktails given like ‘Apple Jack Cocktail’, and ‘BonSoir’ and ‘egg milk punch.’ The introduction given by G.H. Walker about the author is very interesting.

The book includes famous recipes like ‘Bombay Punch’ and various cocktails. Some names will surely amuse the reader like ‘Buttered rum’, English Bishop Punch, Diarrhea Draught. There are some classic cocktails which were very famous during nineteenth century like Absinthe, Catawba Cobbler and the mint julep also in this book. The author has tried various innovative technique of adding egg yolk, fruits and vanilla and various other substances. This list has also included famous French Pousse Café, a beverage after a course of coffee. There is various fancy cocktail’s recipe also included in the list like ‘Dixie cocktail’. The Cohasset Punch named after the city where is very popular included in this list. The other includes Apollinaris Lemonade, Arrack Punch, Astringent, Bacardi Cocktail, Baldy Cocktail, Bamboo Cocktail, and Beef Tea and the list go on to Blackthrone Cocktail, Blue Blazer, Brandy and Ginger Ale and various other cocktails.

This is an extensive book on cocktails with very simple recipes. The ideal bartender who served the customers a century ago would also win your heart with this recipe collection. This is a very good hand book for cocktail recipe.


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