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Leaves of Grass By Walt Whitman

Leaves of Grass was a prose with poetic qualities by Mr. Walt Whitman. Unlike other authors and poets who just wrote books and published, he did what was utterly dissimilar. He did not just publish the book but spent his whole life on revising the book again and again. The book firstly contained 12 poems but because of his revision, the 12 poems turned 400 poems. Though it was published in 1855, he edited it till his death and after his last breath it was a finished product and came to light which brought him name and fame all over the world, 1892. It has been estimated that the poems of “Leaves of Grass” represented the life and humanity of Walt Whitman. The book was first promulgated in the United States of America in English under the guidance of himself; he has not taken the help of anyone for the broadcasting.

Besides being a poet, he was a humanist and an essayist. Walt Whitman was come to life on 1819, May 31, in Long Island, New York, USA. He passed away on 26th March, 1892, in Camden, New Jersey, USA. He was second of the nine siblings and was immediately named “Walt” after his birth to distinguish him from his father. When he was a young man, he was a handsome man with a lot of leveled beard and mustache on his face. He would experiment with the taste of the public of that time on the basis of the movements of that time. Later, he determined to become a poet in his life. Walt desired to surprise his brothers by the publication ‘Leaves of Grass’ but George, his brother, did not consider it as a worth reading.

There were at least nine to twelve editions that he edited and re-edited to make the manuscript perfect. It was a hand-written document before the operation of publication. Few scholars and handwriting-predictors say that he was a kind-hearted man by nature but a hypocrite from the inside. His friends oppose these oppositions. Everyone was not right about him. But by reading his poems we actually understand his humanity, bright heartedness and generosity in person.

There is an obligation prearranged to all of us to study such poems and books written by great personalities. So, let us do the responsibility with whole heart and haste.


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