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Wikipedia – free encyclopedia containing more than 32 million articles in 280 languages

 Review: The App, WIKIPEDIA is the amazingly great mobile application for the Android devices and Tablets. The users of the internet must have great experience of searching and viewing the most reliable and comprehensive informations about their concern topics, through the well known site, www.wikipedia.org. The developers of the said web site, Wikimedia Foundation have developed and offered this App too. The App contains the information about a huge number of topics which the students, professionals and even other readers can view. There are more than Thirty Two Million Articles in this App and all those are available in around 280 Languages spoken throughout the world. The browsing of information through this App will be in Tabbed form like in newer types of windows. One need to hold pressing a link which will open in new Tab so that his reading will not be disturbed. The Articles will be showing in the top of them a prominent and contextually relevant image and this can be viewed separately by tapping on it in the High resolution. Relevant reading is also providing as an option to one’s actual reading. And the users can also use this App Offline by saving the pages to be read OFFLINE. It is thus, a really amazing and wonderful idea of spreading knowledge throughout the world.

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Developer : Wikimedia Foundation
Support Email: mobile-android-wikipedia@wikimedia.org

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