The Adventures of Tom Sawyer By Mark Twain

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer was a novel written by Mr. Mark Twain. It was published in the year 1876 which talks of the life of a juvenile man who lived at the Mississippi watercourse. Mark Twain was born in the United States of America. He was the cover artist of the work of fiction. His tongue was English and wrote the story first in draft. This edition was limited in stock. His genre was: Satire, folk stories and children’s stories. The American Publishing Company was supportive and accommodating for him to fetch his tome to light.

Mark Twain was born on November 30th, 1835, in Florida and on 21st April, 1910, in Connecticut, USA. He was a writer and lecturer by occupation. His birth place was the place of setting of his tale The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. Twain’s family-life was filled with agony. His siblings were seven but only three survived the childhood. One of his siblings died in boat-explosion.  The amazing and astounding aspect of Mark’s birth was that he was born 2 weeks after the closest approach of Henley’s comet.  When he was just four, his parents moved him to St. Petersburg. And this phase made him get motivated him to think new views and document the story on his own. His father was a legal representative.

He was honored after his decease additional than what he was yet breathing.  He also, in his writings, included Civil rights, Anti-imperialism, Importance of religion etc. Besides being a writer, he was a good counselor.

His tale was used in a number of films too! With this, he became more popular. There are more than seventeen films under the track of many directors of noble ranks.

“Tom Sawyer (the crucial character of the novel) lives with her step-mother, Aunt Polly and half-brother, Sid. He gets into fights with others but has a good memory power. He committed to memory many Biblical verses of more than 2000 verses of the Bible. As in all stories, Tom falls in love too with a girl…” is the main part of the story on which the whole chronicle is based. “Tom was a good man. But then, he was persecuted by his own blood…” say few critics.

To let your children be aware of good bed-time stories, you will have to start with The Adventures of Tom Sawyer first.


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